terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

Please, close the door

Sit down here, please. And so I'm gonna start to tell you about my last dream I dreamed tonight.
No, no, no... Don't shut the window. Let the breeze come to us. I like the idea to have the same thing that touch my body touch your face. It make us feel together.
No. Don't say anything. I know we're not together. We broke up our relationship. I already understood it. You mustn't need to draw. I'm a clever woman.
Tonight I remembered you say you loved me. And I cried a lot. I felt a river shine in my face my pain. I stopped to cry. I'm a strong woman.
Don't go. Please, sit down. I didn't share my dream. May you listen to me? Just today. We were maried and we already shared the same bed, same beg, same bet. Why can we share a simple and foolish dream? Have you dreamed? No? People that do everything that want, never have a dream to dream. Just live a day, by day, in a day. But that's no your case. You are the greatest dreamer I know in my whole life. I know you guy, I know your skin. I know you eyes. Your body, spasms... Don't be shame. Don't be red. Come on, if you knew my intimate, my body, you can discover up my head, my dream.
I told you someday: Start to think in me. Stop to do these mistakes.You know how to do it. But you prefered to let me down.
Why are you so cold if my heart's so warm? Why don't you think in me? Just because am I at this...? I didn't stop to tell you what I want to... Come back to me. Listen up! Listen to me.
Please, close the door and come back. Sit down here, in front of me, please! Please!
I know you don't love me. I know I weird right now. But at my dream, my love was the same. And you were different. You were in loving and I loved you as the way I love. My legs cannot let us to the garden, to the good restaurant or parties, but just my heart can let far from your weakness and make you a real man.
You can have a lot of all women, but you'll never be a man for them, because you are... just a dream of man!
What a fucking feeling. What a fucking feeling!
Now, I already wake up! Good morning! And close the door when you go out, please! Thanks!

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