quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012


Ainda falando nos amores que foram flores e murchou... Mas este amor, foi recebido e não respondido. Talvez a única vez que me senti querido e apaixonante. Este amor ficou para a história, para os xotes e forrós...

You are the only person in the world that looked at me
In the way that made me feel weird
You confused my mind
Your eyes
My tears
Our dance, forró
For all the people that watched us
Just dreaming
You told me yes
Told me always
Shew me the way
Just the way to be simple, alive
Arrived quickly, smooth
Shew me the way
To be strong
To live man
To discover the love
To make love
Oh my fucking God
How could I go back to that moment?
How could I go back to us?
How could I take her back to me?
Today the rain is coming down
My tears are dancing on my face
And I dance alone
By myself
There's no one looking at me
There's no her
There's just a half of me
There's a mute song

*Baseado numa história real e pessoal

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