domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013

Perhaps we were in love

I can´t remember my name, dear. So how could you take my attention for you? It was over. There´s nothing we can do for that dream to be forever. So sorry.
Don´t worry about me. My mom hasn´t taught me to cry, but the life told me how to do it to my heart. By the way my mind is always busy, thinking in you.
I have some question to do. How many time do I have to think in you to know I´m in love? How many time can I say your name and no one gets my stupid feeling? I don´t know how to lie, you know. I´m so sorry.
The life is so weird. Yesterday we were talking about love, passion, and now these things are the all the things I cannot believe or wait. The beats of my heart were the soul of your attitutes. But you moved your play and now they are something like a old doll. I ain´t a dirty shirt. Why are you so rude?
I cannot remember my name to tell to my heart that it should start to figure out its situation. I forgot my name. I forgot the secret of my heart. You didn´t play to it. I put it on sale. Don´t you remember? I told you: You do not need to be faithful.
Perhaps we walked on black. Perhaps we walked on white. The case is I´ve been walking on rainbow dream. In my head there are all of the colors, for me and for you, but I cannot paint your mind. Just you, babe.
I looked for your body in my bed this morning. Your body is all I had from you. I should hold me closer last night and let a deep tatoo in my skin. And even said goodbye. 
Please, is there someone who can remind me to breathe?

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