terça-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2011

The Mathematics problem

If I had stopped to think about those toddler feelings maybe nothing had happened. But I prefered to let my heart lead me. I forgot: do not follow your heart but lead it.
You were the person that got the power to change my stupid way to be myself. You confused me, constrained me, and I liked it. I didn't know how to live in this new way. By the way I tried to fly in your soft clouds. Insane? No, in love!
I could tell you my words, but I cannot, just so you know... I just know nothing! And now, it's perfect!
I don't need to understand my feelings right way because I already learned how to solve the Mathematics problem. I know to say what is one plus one. What I don't know is, how to live it. It's doens't not matter. Because I can fly. And with you I forget my huge fears. I can fall down and find the floor and don't find my reason, my sense, my floor. I can find you, losing my stupid way to be clever.
Do I need to get high? No, like a child, I just need to be free and fly once more time! Let your wings grow in your back and let our understanding back.
I know I know nothing. I know I like to discover, so let discover ourselves by ourselves. Free. Flying. Living!

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