sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2016

I used to say lies

I used to say:
"You belong my mind
As my body belongs your sight"
I only laughed
You did the same
Always like an angel
But you didn't come from the Heaven
The love never comes
It's like a curse
It's like a song that's always on my mind
It's like a pain I never asked for
I used to say:
"I don't know how I can do without my rainbow 
You're my colors"
I broke my rules
Your grace turned down the lights 
I became black and blue
Come to my soul 
And see where all my demons hide from you
Come to my eyes 
And look at my soul 
It feels dark and low 
I used to say:
I will never lost the control 
And fall 
In love

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