sexta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2015

Just be

While the tears came down
It was thinking about the stars
It poured out its heart 
It opened up its stupid mind
Trying to be gentle with itself
Trying with its all
It tried with my soul
But I was dead 

Close your eyes and remember the hurts you made 

Open your closet and find the character you were 
Set your sex to the fire and find me
Find us
And just try do not let it go 
Let your words burn in your mouth
Taste your lies

However to add a insult to the injury, it started to rain 

And it was afraid of the thunders 
It was afraid to go into the rain and see its skin 
It has been trying to have your closet's key
Trying to be gentle with you 
Trying with its all
It tried with my soul 
But I was dead

I was

And you never be 

By the way when start to rain again 

Please, do not be of anything 
Take its clothing off and wait
The stars are going to appear once again
At this moment do not think
Just be

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