domingo, 29 de maio de 2011

Icy way

How cold I feel myself today
And you know how make me better
But how was yesterday
Today you're just with your pain
Just with your luck
Sometimes I think do not remember you
Perhaps I could do it
But how could I know it if I do not remember you?
At least I die
But I'd like to fly away up to you
And get you to the earth that could be cool
Forever the day would go slowly
Forever the smiles would come softly
Sometimes I think in you
All the time I forget me
Sometimes I catch you
At this time I figure out
It just a dream that won't be come true
And I feel my skin get icy
My mouth start to shake
The heart throbs in its beat
Suddenly practices its good bye
And I go away, on a way of an icy beat

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