segunda-feira, 18 de outubro de 2010

Once upon a time

My feelings are jumping inside me and it's a trouble 'cause my body is weak. My mind is insane. My god is doing somethin' for someone of his children. My feelings have a power.
Sometimes I think about human, we're crazy thing that there's in the world. God's totally crazy, like us.
We can have a power, but we can be weak.
We can dream, but we can be sleepy.
We can fly, but we always walk around the same places.
Now I'd like to do somethin' that I've never done. My feelings are pushing me from myself. I'm going out.
I'm a human, I know that I can fall down. I'm a human, I know I can go ahead and don't give up or give up and try again.
There's no end. There's another begining. And it's my turn now.
Let's go with me. Don't be afraid.
I can fly and touch myself through my feelings.
I can touch the world through my mind.
I can touch you through my words.
But now I just wanna touch myself and have a great loving story.
I'll start to write down me in my simple day.
So, Once upon a time...

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