sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010


There's a lot of ways of saying love you, but I choose do not say and let you read my heart by your code. Look at my eyes and read my soul.
My mind lie all the time, but my body show my real desire. And It's burning like a fire, an eternal flame!
I know that all of these things I have inside me someday will go away, but right now it's disturb me. It's getting crazy, insane!
I'd like these things get me totally crazy, but my rules cannot permit it. It's break me!
We can be faithful friends, but I won't receive your friendship 'cause I will not sell my feelings!
I cannot understand you and I'm trying, I swear, I'm giving the best of me, just to understand your toddler's way of tell about your world. I really wanna be in it.
I really have a lot of things to tell, but I'm afraid. So sorry.
I will not say love you, neither your name, because I don't know who you are.
I got crazy!

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