segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2015

I lost my soul (Já nem sei quem sou)

Sometimes when I think of you
I get some parts of me
Why cannot touch your face, my love?

I saw you far from home and I cry
Tell me God why the loves die

I will try to fly away
Go into the Heaven and say
I love you (That I miss you)

I cannot remember what I have inside
I lost my control
I know nothing about myself
I´ve been trying to walk on me
Am I trying to forget you, my love?

You don´t know what I have inside
There are some thoughts walking inside my mind
Am I trying to forget your face, my dear?

I´ve trying to pray and say
I need your presence
I need your embrace
I need the touch and the love
That can cure my fears

I lost my soul
I lost my soul
I lost my soul
Já nem sei quem sou

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