terça-feira, 26 de março de 2013

A Rio de Janeiro's guy

I’m gonna love me
And send me some flowers
Walk around your neighborhood
And remember how was our life
I’m gonna put a cross in your place on the bed
Sleeping with God, I won’t be sad
Superman you lost your strength
Someday you made me fine
Now you’re just a fuck buddy
My tears became dry, as your heart
Nowaday my tongue is lying
‘cause the poisons of your spittle are in my mouth
You had better go to hell
Just to get your heart burning
Your icy heart burned mine
Now it smells bad
So, now that’s my turn
I gonna eat your eyes tempered by your contempt
Then, now it’s your time
I will kill you in my walking
I gonna get your life in the cemitery you made in me
Superman you lost your power's seduction
someday you made me cry
Now you're just a Rio de Janeiro's guy

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