quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2013

Let me breath again

Please, come to my world. Let me breath again.
Silence. Do not tell me anything. It doesn't matter. Just breathe my soul.
I know we don't know anything. We're children, stupid children. And we're just trying to do our best but should we do it? I don't know. I don't know what is the best. You know?
I am a fucking stupid man. But I always feel like a super man. All the men are like me. Ever!
I don't wanna be on the crest of a wave. I swear. 
I only wanna you. Let me breath again.
Here I am just for you, do not stand my heart up. Set your feelings free. Is it the best?
Let me put the cat out of the beg: I love you!
Don't laugh at me. You always ask me to say simple things, so I'm trying to do it in this way. I love you, sweetheart!
Oh Jesus, what a shammer. Maybe you're right. Maybe I don't love you. Maybe I only wanna a partner. But isn't it a love? I love me and I can love another person. 
Please, come to my world. Come to us.
Don't you remember the time when we were happy? Don't you remember when I used to touched your skin? The way you loved me? 
I got it! You already forgot the way you hurt me. Do you know my name? 
Darling, when you love all, you love nobody. And you forget everything. 
I could ask you to put everything that doesn't run over under the table and just live. But I'm trying to love. Sometimes you die when the love is your choice. Is it the best choice?
I cross my heart, I won't let you go far from me. I swear!
Once and for all, let me breath again! And breathe you!

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